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Cadilac Law has a team of experts ready to advise our clients on Personal Injury Law, contract disputes, or any matter that requires a law suit. in the DFW area. We extend our legal experiences to serve clients of all types and sizes. Whether you've been sued or need to sue, Cadilac law can help you. Give us a call now.

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Our principal attorney Lauren was almost killed in a car accident which is what lead her to law school. She can understand just how devastating it can be to be involved in an accident.That’s why she takes extra care of her clients who have been injured.


We have a reasonable expectation that the product we buy and use are safe. Unfortunately sometimes this is not the case. When you need to be remunerated due to a defect or accident related to a product, you need expert help.

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If your employer is not abiding by the law or you feel you've been wrongfully terminated or are owed back wages,you need a law firm you can trust. Get help navigating the tangled employment laws and contact us today.


When a healer hurts you, it can be a confusing & tumultuous time. often you expect to taken care of by your provider, especially if the injury was an accident. Cadilac law has the experience you need to protect your interests.

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